Hello and Welcome to TheBestMotorcycleHelmet.com I would just like to give you my background on how I’ve gotten my experience with helmets, that way I’m not just the mysterious person on the about us page who claims a lot of things but never delivers.

I started riding at the age of about 14. Yes, I do know it is not legal or probably not even possible for a 14 year old to hold up a full size motorcycle! I started riding ATV’s at this age and was riding them on my own property of about 4 acres in northern New Jersey. This is where my adventure began riding just about anything with an engine and four wheels.

For years we would ride quads and dirt bikes throughout the woods of New Jersey with there never being enough time to ride. Of course there it got very cold so my favorite time was the winter for going riding. There is nothing like blowing through a fresh snowfall. As it tends to happen I grew. My father was the one who had bought me the first quad I rode and he was also the one who owned the first motorcycle I rode on. Now about 15 years later I’m still proud to be on a bike.

This is where my passion for street riding has come into play and for years I have owned many helmets and have had the opportunity to get to know these helmets intimately. I have a good idea of what most riders like and what they don’t. I also know what I like and what I don’t. After reading many websites where there was some mysterious guy who proclaimed to have been riding for 80+ years I decided to write my own.

I hope you enjoy the content you find here and more so I hope you enjoy and find the helmet you are looking for. As always I love to hear feedback regarding your experience with the helmets you have previously or currently own. So feel free to comment on what you see. Most of all enjoy the ride!