Arai Defiant Helmet Review

Arai is creating a new breed of premium quality motorcycle helmet. An Arai helmet is the type that you buy when you’re only looking for the best in every area, from protection to comfort and features. The Arai Defiant is one of those helmets and we wanted to review it so you could get a better feel of exactly what it offers since their website only gives you typical marketing data.

One of the closest relatives of the Defiant is the Corsair V by Arai. These two helmets alone give you a great feel for the quality of the helmets they’re making and show you even a motorcycle helmet has its luxury element. Like most luxury items, these helmets are not cheap, but the quality of the product you get exceeds the dollar value. When you wear it you’ll know exactly what and why you paid for it and you’ll be willing do it again.

With all this talk about luxury you may be wondering; Does this helmet still provide you with its main function, protection? Yes, it does!

The Defiant’s Features and Benefits

The Defiant’s shell is designed to absorb impact and distribute the energy produced by it throughout the helmet so it doesn’t fail on you in its most important moment. While the shell of the helmet is pretty plain in the black versions, it is specifically designed this way in an effort to reduce any points where the helmet might crack or break in the event of a high impact accident.

Arai designs all of their helmets with safety as their first priority. Each helmet is engineered and tested to be able to provide the most protection possible and keep the head as safe as possible in any crash. You don’t pay for the name with them, you’re paying for the highest quality protection available first and then you also get all of the comfort, features, and benefits they provide.



One of the best features of the Defiant is the excellent ventilation it provides while your riding and it comes in multiple sizes to fit any head. Not only is the helmet design of the highest quality for safety, but it’s also designed for the highest quality ventilation as well and will still fit comfortably because of its oval head shape. The flow of air through this helmet is designed to provide your whole head with a cool breeze completely closed.

The first set of vents you’ll find are located on the top forehead portion of the helmet and they are made with toggle switches to open and close them to allow or restrict air when needed. The second set of vents you’ll find near the top back portion of the helmet and they are built into the scoop system that allows the air to flow over the top of the helmet and directly into the scoops to cool the inside back portion of the helmet.

While the cooling the inside of the helmet the scoops are also allowing that same flow of air to exit through the exhaust vents just below the scoops. The air that flows into the scoops actually helps pull the air inside the helmet out while reducing air resistance on the outside at the same time.

You’ll also find a chin vent system built into the chin guard of the defiant to bring air into the front portion of the helmet and let the cool breeze hit your face and mouth. One of the nice things about this vent is that it’s also designed to allow some air to hit the inside of the shield which makes it great for clearing up any fog that might build up.

Two more vents are also built into the brow portion of the face shield and they allow a nice flow of air to the sides of your face and ears to keep them cool in the ear pads. Most helmets don’t account for your ears while they are in those ear pads and they can get pretty hot. These two vents also keep your face and temples cool which improves your comfort levels dramatically inside this helmet.

Exhaust is another area Arai has covered and improved. Two vents on each side of the helmet are designed to be completely aerodynamic while allowing all of the stale air to flow freely out of them when you riding. As we mentioned before the scoop system on the top of the helmet also helps this stale air flow out by creating almost a suction near the exhaust vents.

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 Face Shield and Padding

Moving on to the face shield of the Defiant you’ll find a shield that is designed to give you the best sight range and eye protection on the market today. The lens is also made with an anti-fog agent that makes sure no fog will build up on the inside of the helmet. It’s also designed to prevent water from entering the helmet if you’re ever riding in bad weather conditions.

Every piece of padding in the helmet is also fully removable and machine washable that allows it to be cleaned any time it is needed. This includes the neck roll of the helmet that has a layer of water resistant material to prevent any water from getting into the helmet again for those bad weather conditions.

The cheek pads are designed for pure comfort while you ride. Arai has incorporated a 5-millimeter removable layer that allows you to customize the helmet for complete comfort around your face. All of the padding and ear pads are designed to be comfortable on a human head and are made specifically for protection while giving you the best level of comfort at the same time.


Design and Graphics

In an effort to keep the helmet down on your head while you ride or race there’s a front chin spoiler that creates a downward force on the lower front portion of the helmet. This downward force keeps the helmet firmly in place on your head and prevents it from lifting or sliding back and forth. You don’t have to worry about that uncomfortable movement with the Defiant while you ride.

If you’re looking to spice up the look of the helmet you can definitely do that with the various graphics it comes in. Arai has done a great job of producing various versions of the black helmet, with different color stripes and even a diamond finish (shown above). Plus of course they also have different solid and multi-color graphics.

Everything Arai has done with the Corsair-V they have done with the Defiant and more. They’ve made one of the safest helmets while also giving the rider complete customization and comfort. The Arai Defiant is the helmet you buy when you only want the safest, most dependable, and highest level of comfort on the market.

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