Bell Drifter DLX Helmet Review

Half Helmets like the Bell Drifter DLX have become as popular among riders today as they were when motorcycle riding first became a pastime. Bell has created a half shell design that could be the best helmet in this category. The half shell design makes protection for the most important part of the head ideal without restricting the neck or face of the rider wearing it.

Style and Design

One of the main reasons this style of helmet is called a half helmet is because it looks like someone cut a full face helmet right in half. While this can limit protection to the face and lower neck of the rider it’s also a benefit because you don’t have to worry about riding in a stuffy helmet.

You’ll notice there are no vents on the shell of this helmet and that’s because of the open faced design. Without a face shield and a chin guard, you won’t have to worry about getting enough air while you’re riding. Bell Helmets have designed it this way on purpose because they know adding vents would only drive up costs and can even ruin the integrity of the helmets shell.

The Drifter DLX is one of the half helmets you can fully trust to put you heads protection into its hands and know that in an accident your head will be safe. It’s been tested and proven that motorcycle riders who wear a helmet that at least protects the top and back of the head are less likely to receive a traumatic brain injury.

Features and Benefits

Bell has also created a speed dial system for a perfect fit every time even with gloves on that would normally get in the way. The Padding located on the interior of the helmet also help create that no slip, no lift fit we look for in our helmets ensuring that while your riding you’ll be comfortable and secure in the DLX and not messing with the fit of it while you ride.

Now, you might be thinking well if this helmet offers less protection than other helmets (like the full face designs) why wear it at all? Some of the reasons you might find are looks, money, and comfort. Also, the main reason is that as we stated before wearing a helmet is much safer than not wearing one at all and this helmet still protects the vital part of the head and brain in the event of an accident.


The same padding on the interior of the helmet that gives you a great fit also protects your head on the inside of the shell. Padding is not only there for comfort and fit, its there to protect your head from hard collisions. If you’re wondering how this could help protect your head, imagine your head inside the plastic shell without padding and there you have it!

The ear padding offers protection from the wind and cold on winter days and riding during those cold breezy mornings. Bell made sure the ear pads are removable for easy washing and for those summer rides where protection from the cold may not be an issue.

Goggle Straps

Also included on the DLX are straps to hold your goggles in place when you’re cruising at top speeds and the wind is threatening to blow them off your face. Eye protections is not required while you’re riding with this helmet but it’s suggested because, like we stated earlier, you don’t have the convenience of a face or eye shield on this half helmet design.

Having some goggles or glasses to wear with this helmet will also be great for protecting your eyes from dirt and debris while you ride. Another great thing about having some form of eye protection to wear with the DLX is that you won’t have to worry about the wind causing your eyes to tear and affect your vision. One of the most important parts of riding a motorcycle is having clear vision and line of sight. Too many times motorcycle accidents are caused by the rider not being able to see properly.

Safety Rating

The Drifter DLX has been rated with the DOT certification and while it’s light and comfortable it also provides excellent protection from hazards on and off the road. DOT is the standard that all helmets have to pass before they can be sold or used on the road and make sure they are safe and will protect you from serious injuries during an accident.

Finish and Graphics

The Bell Drifter DLX comes in multiple colors and with different graphic designs so you don’t have to worry about wearing a plain helmet. One of the most popular graphics for this helmet is the rebel cruiser that features a star similar to the Army star and was very popular during some of the world wars. You know the wars with the guys riding around on their buggies with helmets similar to the rebel cruiser below.

If you are someone who is in need of a great helmet but do not like full face designs, look no further you will not be disappointed. This helmet has everything you need from protection to ventilation and comfort. Bell designs their helmet with only the rider in mind and their protection. The DLX is definitely a testament to their company and brand they have built to be known as a top rated helmet manufacturer.

Updated: July 30, 2017 — 12:11 am
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