Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

The Bell Helmet Company is part of the larger Vista Outdoor and it majors in production of helmets for auto racing, motorcycles, and bicycles. It has been producing the best quality helmets since 1954. The products from Bell are strong, durable and eye-catching. Bell products are the safest products to use for any activity that needs you to wear a helmet. Here are some features and specifications about the Bell Qualifier Helmet you need to know about.

Design and Features

The helmet has an aerodynamic design that will allow you to ride your bike with less wind interference for a smooth ride. The airflow on the head is smooth and swift for faster movement and easy navigation of your bike. You will also be able to see the road more clearly. The design further makes you stand out with the elegant and stylish finish.

The design also offers a Bell’s exclusive system of Click-release for the face shield. This feature allows you to change the face shield easily when necessary. The feature is also efficient for replacing a broken face shield or changing the color of the face shield to fit the time of the activity. Riding in clear sunny weather needs a shield that reduces the light, making it clear for you to see the road. When cycling at night, you will need a clear face shield to see everything on the road better. With this feature, you do not need extra helmets for the different conditions during which you will be using your bike.


The air vents of the helmet can be controlled for a comfortable ride. Whether you are moving at low or high speeds, you will be sure to control the amount air that reaches your face. This feature offers a unique cooling effect. For racing, the air vents can be minimized to reduce the air that hits your face. This allows you to concentrate on the road more and improve your speeds. The vents can also be opened wider to let in more air for a slow ride. Less air can cause discomfort or give the feeling of being suffocated.

Padding and Interior

The inside is characterized by comfort, for a smooth ride. The interior parts of the helmet can be removed and washed for a fresher feel. When you are out there riding your bike, you may be exposed to hot temperatures that make you sweat. The interior of the helmet will soak with the sweat, making it uncomfortable for use on another occasion when you are refreshed. This feature of washing the interior is unique and ensures you are always at comfort when using your helmet.

The padding of the helmet is designed to fit any face for a stable fit on the head. The interior pads are contoured to fit the face for a firm grip. When you put on the helmet, it will not topple to distract you nor feel too squeezed to irritate you.

The padding is also designed with a wind collar to reduce the wind and road noise. This feature makes it easy for you hear the necessary sounds on the road and focus on being safe. There are very many destructive sounds on the road that can drive away your focus which could lead to potential accidents.

The padding is also fitted with speaker slots to place in your earphones or audio speakers. This feature allows you to enjoy music while cycling, and also concentrate on the road for traffic and other road users.

The straps of the helmet have a D-ring lock that keeps it tight on the head. Strapping the helmet on the head is more firm and secure. In the case of any impact, the helmet will stay put, safeguarding the head from any physical harm.

Additional Features

The shield of the helmet is made to protect riders from the ultra-violet sun light. The exclusive NutraFog 2 gives the shield a unique feel when riding in foggy weather conditions. You can see clearly through a fog and no moisture will form on the shield.

Colors and Graphics

The helmets can be customized according to the specification given by the customer. When you are ordering for it, the graphics and color package gives you the advantage of giving the specific colors and graphics you want. The service comes at a small price making it the most convenient helmet. There are three sizes of the helmet, and they can fit any person. Checking for the right size for your head will ensure you are comfortable when riding your bike.


The helmets come with a five-year warranty, making Bell the most convenient place to purchase your helmet. Such a warranty is an indication of high-quality products from the manufacturer. You can count on Bell for the safest helmet production.

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