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The Bell Rogue is another half helmet that we’ve wanted to review because people rave about it and love to ride in it. When it comes to comfort and protection, you usually don’t find both elements in most half helmets, but this is where the Rogue stands apart from the rest.

Bell is a company that has dedicated themselves to creating some of the safest most reliable helmets on the market. Bell started in a garage in 1954 and even then they were making some of the highest performing helmets. Since then they have come a long way and have been creating helmets that the motorcycle community loves.

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Design and Features

The Bell Rouge is designed as a half helmet with the benefits and comforts of a 3/4 helmet design. The shell is made out of a composite material and offers some of the best protection to the vital areas of your head during a collision. One of the things that makes this helmet unique is the removable muzzle that offers your mouth protection from the wind and the occasional bug.

One of the best features of this helmet is its simplicity. There are no complicated moving parts or mechanisms that could possibly fail when you need them most. It’s first and most important function as a helmet is there and it serves its purpose very well.

You’ll also notice that there are no vents on the shell of the helmet. This is because its open faced design allows plenty of air to hit your face and head and will keep you cool even on the hottest days. Separation between your goggles, helmet, and the muzzle provide multiple ways for airflow to circulate into the helmet and cool of the top of your head.

Shell and Weight

Bell has outfitted the Rouge with a composite shell, and while this might not mean much to you now, it will when your wearing it on a long ride. Composite is a very strong and lightweight material that significantly reduces the overall weight of the shell. Since it’s lightweight your head and neck will not feel as much strain on those longer rides.

The overall weight of the helmet is roughly 3 pounds. This is nice because like we mentioned before it will keep your head from having to hold up a lot of weight while your riding. Other helmets are usually heavier because they have parts that let them rest on your neck or shoulders and reduce strain. So, it is very important to consider weight when you choose a half helmet design.

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A muzzle on a half helmet is awesome because usually you’ll need to have a piece of cloth or a jacket that will helmet protect your mouth and face while you ride. This muzzle will keep your air clean and free of dirt, debris, and bugs while you ride so you don’t have to worry about a bug lunch and can focus on the road ahead.

Bell has made the muzzle easily removable with a magnetic clip system, this way you can ride with or without the muzzle and don’t have to mess around with complicated clips if you want it on or off. The muzzle itself is adjustable so you can match it to your face for the best comfort and it also comes with a fully removable and washable liner.

Liner and Padding

Now, when it comes to fully removable liners and machine washable padding, the bell rogue comes with it all. Each piece of padding is removable and fully machine washable. If you do encounter bugs or dirt on the road you can always wash the padding for clean fresh air the next time you ride.

The padding itself is very comfortable and provides additional protection for your head should it be needed. For additional airflow in the helmets there are airflow channels that are designed to take the air that is coming into the helmet and disperse it on the top of your head to cool you down.

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Bluetooth and Speakers

It’s not stated specifically on Bell’s Website, but the helmet is designed to be compatible with Bluetooth and Speakers. In the padding you’ll find two spaces that let speakers be installed and still give you the comfort you’d have with out them. As always you do want to remember to comply with the rules of the road in your area because you do want to be able to hear clearly.

With an open face design you can add a Bluetooth system and not worry about it interfering with your helmets function. The only thing to consider is getting a Bluetooth system that won’t interfere with the muzzle when you have it on or off.

Safety Rating and Graphics

To ensure a helmets safety, each helmet that gets approved for use by riders goes through rigorous testing including tests done during high impact collisions. These tests then determine if a helmets gets a DOT safety rating. The Bell Rogue has passed each of these tests and has been rated safe by the DOT.

You can find the rogue in various colors including, Black, Black Matte, Gunny (Dark Green/Brown),Army Green, and a graphic called Corey Miller War Eagle. As with most helmets you can always get it in a solid color and have a custom graphic put on it.

To Conclude

To conclude our Bell Rogue Helmet Review we will say that judging by the effect this helmet has had on the motorcycle community that alone makes it a great helmet. Who knows more about a helmet’s safety then those that choose to ride in it every day and put their live in it’s hands. If that’s not enough the DOT safety rating and design of the helmet speak for themselves when it comes to a durable, safe, reliable helmet. Also with a 5 year warranty Bell backs up their product.

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  1. Nicholas Ehlert
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    How do I get a printed muzzle for my rogue helmet? Seen a lot of designs and think it’s cool as hell

    • Bobby D
      | Reply

      Hey Nicholas,

      Thanks for the comment. I haven’t yet been able to find any of the printed muzzles. I believe the owners are putting their own graphics on them or possibly even with kits. They do look cool. If I find any I’ll be sure to include them here!

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