GLX 339 Helmet Review

The GLX 339 is a Helmet that definitely got our attention, so we decided to review it. GLX is a company that’s racing up in the helmet world (pun intended). They are creating helmets for riders that rival those over at Icon and Arai the main difference and benefit are that they’re about one fifth the price. Yes, they are about one-fifth the price and they’re comparable in quality, at least for the price they can’t be beat.

The Modular Design

The 339 got our attention with its modular design. It’s not easy to find a good modular design and we think we’ve found one that’s just as good as the Nolan N90 with its flawless modular design. Modular is the capability of a helmet to morph from a full face helmet to an open face helmet by allowing the chin guard and visor to lift open.

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Some people like the modular design while others, not so much. Some of the benefits of a modular helmet include transforming fromĀ a full face helmet to an open face helmet depending on the weather and your preference. It can also make the helmet more comfortable depending on how you like to ride and how hot or cold it is outside.

People say the main drawback of this design is that it allows weakness and places for the helmet to fail during an accident. However, when you look at the actual design of the helmet and how they are made you’ll see this is far less likely to happen than the haters will claim. Also GLX has done an amazing job of designing their helmet specifically for safety and protection.

For the shell of the 339, GLX has made it out of a thermoplastic that is tested and designed to withstand high impacts and collisions. These thermoplastics are used in various helmets and are even used in the lining of the helmet in the form of polystyrene which is located in between the shell and your head.


On the shell, you’ll find multiple vents such as the two front vents and multiple exhaust vents on the top and back of the helmet. These vents push air down into the front of the helmet to cool the facial area which is then exhausted through the top middle exhaust vent and rear exhaust vents.

You can also see the two vents built into the chin guard that allows air to flow in from the first part of the helmet to hit the wind and cool off your face. These chin vents can’t be controlled to open or restrict the flow of air hitting your face. The exhaust vents that are described above also help to keep the flow of air consistent throughout the helmet so you’re not suffocated by stale hot air.

If the vents in the 339 are not enough you can always just open up the chin guard and visor and let the breeze blow. The modular function is designed to allow you ride with the helmet fully open or closed. It’s made to reduce air resistance no matter how you choose to ride, with it open or closed.

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Face and Eye Shields

When you feel like keeping the helmet open there’s a shield that drops down over your eyes to protect them while you ride. The main face shield will protect your face and eyes from wind, dirt, and debris while you ride with the helmet closed. You can also open the face shield if you don’t want to sacrifice the protection the chin guard provides but still want the freedom of the open air.

Both shields are scratch and fog resistant so you’ll always have a clear view or where you’re riding and any obstacles you might encounter on the road. The face shield can be swapped out easily with the quick release GLX incorporated into the 339. Some of the different face shields you can swap out the clear one with are the mirror, smoke, and the dark smoke face shields.

Interior Venting and Padding

Moving on to the inside of the helmet you’ll find there are also venting channels built into the lining. These channels allow the air to flow freely inside the helmet and cool the top and sides of your head. You don’t have to worry about getting hot in in this helmet with all the vents and airflow assistance the 339 keeps you cool or warm and will remove any stale air.

The padding in GLXs 339 is also designed for comfort and additional protection. At almost an inch thick the padding keeps the helmet secure on your head and will protect you from any additional impact in the event of an accident or collision. Its also designed to be very comfortable and allow you not feel like your crammed while wearing it.

When the padding gets dirty or wet each one is able to be completely removed and are machine washable. That way you can ride with a clean smelling helmet and not have to worry about that mildew smell creeping into your helmet when inclement weather arises and gets inside. GLX has made the helmet water resistant also so if you are caught in a storm while riding you won’t have to worry about the interior getting soaked.

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Additional Features and Safety Rating

Another great feature of this helmet is the optional Bluetooth communication system. Bluetooth allows you to use your phone safely while you ride without having to struggle to answer it or risk an accident to use your phone. It doesn’t come with some helmets but it is made to be compatible with it, so you can add it at any time.

The 339 has been giving the DOT safety rating and complies with FMVSS218. It is also tested in the factory while they are being made and at various locations after they leave the factory. GLX creates their helmet and their reputation by providing very safe high-quality motorcycle helmets to riders everywhere and they hope to keep building on this reputation. The only way to know for sure just how good of a helmet they produce is to get one for yourself and try it out.

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