HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet Review

HJC Helmets is a helmet producing company that majorly produces motorcycle helmets. For over forty-four years, it has been producing safe helmets for racing and other outdoor activities. The company is committed to producing the HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet and will continue focusing on the safety of the motorcycle riders. It operates in Korea, America, Europe and many other parts of the world. With a wide product range, there is a helmet for every rider.

Design and features

The HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet concentrates on safety for a less budget. With a lot to offer, it is the best helmet for you in the outdoor activities. With the unique shape and design, you are guaranteed to be safe, you get to stand out, and spend a lot less in acquiring it. It has a custom shape made to sit on the head comfortably to ensure maximum comfort and safety in use. You can enjoy a smooth and flexible ride with the helmet as many other customers.

The shell of the helmet is made from an advanced poly-carbonate composite material that makes it light for the head and neck. You can enjoy long hours of riding anywhere without worrying about getting tired of the weight. The shell also provides inside space to fit all the parts that will make the helmet comfortable.

The face shield has three features that make the helmet safe, convenient and usable at any time of the year. The face shield is made of strong material that does not scratch. This ensures the vision is clear all time, and you can enjoy using the helmet for longer periods.

The shield is also designed to cut ninety-five percent of the UV- light, making it safe for hot and bright levels of sunlight. If your outdoor activity is mostly in the hot summer season, this is the best helmet for you, as you will be protected from the harsh weather.

The face shields can also be easily replaced to fit the weather or replace a broken one. There are times when it is too dark and a tinted face shield makes it hard for you to see the road and identify all the things on it. The tinted shields are good for the hot weather and high levels of light. With the RapidFire System to replace the shield, you can easily change the shield to fit the occasion. Owning more shields is cheaper compared to buying different helmets for every situation. The face shields are held in place securely with the lock on the side of the face.


The channeling ventilation system allows free flow of air currents in the helmet. This feature flushes out humidity and heat from the helmet to give it the feel of the wind. The ride will be comfortable with the head receiving fresh air every step of the way. The vents can be controlled to fit the speed you are accelerating. High speeds need less space in the air vents, while slower speeds will need more air inlet for smooth riding.

Padding and interior

The interior of the helmets is made from an anti-bacterial material, making them germ-free all the time. This is healthy for continued use. The interior padding can be removed and washed for the best feel every time you go for a ride. The padding is also moisture effective to remove sweat from the face, for a comfortable feel. The padding also has the crown and cheek fill space that holds the helmet on the head firmly and comfortably. These pads are soft to fit any face without a squeeze on the face. The helmet can fit on any face shape and give the comfort for a good ride.

The neck strap and the two-step lock system of the of the face shield ensure all the parts of the head are well protected for safety on the bike. The straps secure the helmet on the head firmly with zero shaking.

Colors and graphics

The company has a wide range of colors and graphics. Going through the available color schemes will get you the most appropriate helmet. If you need an additional color or graphics, the helmet can be customized by the company or by any color expert. Stickers can also be added to the helmet without an impact on the performance.


The HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet can be acquired from all authorized dealer stores around the world. Visiting the company website will get you all the names of authorized dealers in your region. Orders can also be made directly from the company, through the website. Note that more costs may be included for the extra services. This is the most affordable helmet that offers maximum comfort and safety for motorcycle riders.

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