LS2 Helmets Beyond Review

Not all motorbike helmets are made the same. Some look good and quite a few are strong on the ‘build’ front. And then there are helmets that incorporate the latest tech into them. There are also helmets that cater to a specific demographic, such as young adults or senior riders. Only a few helmet makers try to tick all the right boxes with their offerings. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at a particular helmet model called LS2 Helmets Beyond and find out if it’s really the best all-around helmet that money can buy.

About the Company

LS2 is a premium helmet manufacturer selling helmets primarily in America and quite a few other parts of the world too such as India. The company makes a range of motorbike helmets such as full face and open face helmets, and also biker clothing and accessories such as jackets. The manufacturer takes a structured approach to building its helmets, which explains why the company’s helmets are among the most reliable and sturdy.

Design and Features

The LS2 Helmet Beyond is ideal to be put on when riding street sport motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street motor scooters, and street touring motorcycles. The following are some of the key design and general features of the helmet:

• The helmet’s shell is carved out of fiberglass composite (high-performance variant)
• Absorbs maximum energy, thanks to multi-density EPS
• Drop-down twin-shield system for eye protection and easy operations when using gloves
• DOT-authorized Quick Release System (QRS) chin strap that makes it easier to take the helmet off
• Designed in Barcelona, Spain – LS2’s global headquarters
• Durable and lightweight build

The helmet has a lot more other features which are usually found in more expensive helmets. To attain the right fit, the LS2 Helmet Beyond has been designed in a way to make sure the buyer has no fitting qualms. Special attention has been given to the shell materials and shape to reduce a possible impact’s effects. By the way, the helmet is built in-house, which means a lower price for the buyer since there aren’t many middlemen in the form of retailers or dealers adding their margins to the final price.


All LS2 helmets have dynamic flow-through venting system, and the LS2 Beyond Helmet is not being left out too. The flow-through ventilation system is completely adjustable and has channeled EPS that helps keep you comfortable in the helmet, irrespective of the weather conditions. This makes the helmet ideal for commuting, touring and also scooting.

The air vent equipment could be marginally tough to close and open when it’s brand new. However, with some usage, things should be fine. Like most other open face helmets, the LS2 is also slightly noisier. Though having a decent quantity of exhaust and intake ventilation, you may lose some air flow if the sun visor is positioned downwards. Also, the sun shield is a bit darker than normal, which some riders may not like.

Padding and Interior

There are different sizes of helmets, including small, medium, and large to name a few, so you’re sure to find one that fits your head. The helmet’s comfort liner has a breathable, high-tech, hypoallergenic fabric atop. It is completely removable and can be washed, helping you keep the material as fresh as new always. The padding overall is cushy and comfortable, almost like ‘hand in glove’. This makes it easier to wear the helmet for several miles at a stretch.

As aforementioned, LS2 has paid a lot of attention to Helmet Beyond’s fitting. It’s not just the shell where LS2 has put in a lot of effort and research, but also the EPS liner’s configuration has been designed to closely match human head shape. The interior removable parts could be cleaned using mild soap and warm water. Post-cleaning, use a moist, clean sponge to remove soap residue.

Colors and Graphics

The helmet is available in quite a few colors such as Beyond hi viz, Beyond white, black, matte black and white. The interior pad is adorned with a couple of colors: red and black. This color combo gives a striking appearance to the helmet when kept on a table. The helmet comes in a high-quality bag, which looks great too.


The LS2 Helmet Beyond is a versatile helmet. It can go with a variety of motorbiking styles, without compromising on the looks attribute. Moreover, the fitting is generally next to perfect, which is hard to come across in helmets. However, for people with oval-shaped faces/heads, the fit could be an issue. In fact, some people may find themselves a bit constrained in their jaw and cheeks area. The exterior shell has a small profile, unlike many other helmets, which doesn’t make the rider look like a mushroom head. In short, the LS2 Helmet Beyond is a fine cross between design and functionality.

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