LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Helmet Review

The Company

Arthur Liao started LS2 in 1990 from a rural house that measured only 600 square feet. The company had a sole aim of manufacturing helmets. He could only afford to employ just one person, Peng, who is still an employee of the company to date. The initial capital outlay for the company was 350 Euros. Currently, the company occupies 330,000 square feet and it has 1000 employees who produce over 2 million helmets every year.

The Journey

The helmets that the company made became more popular in 1992, and the growth prompted Arthur to expand the working area to 4000 square feet. He also employed 100 new employees including his brother Stephen, who became one of the managers. Two years later, the company penetrated the international market using the name FENGXING. The company also expanded its space to 18,000 square feet. In 1997, the company upgraded its systems. Some of the notable changes were on technology, factory and machinery. Additionally, the trademark of the company became MHR.

Solid Family Business

Arthur had a brother, Paul, who had successful businesses in the market. Paul joined the then MHR, and brought in his vast business experience. This move made the company to assume a solid family foundation, and it is the same change that has kept the company moving up to now.

Year 2000

MHR received an ISO9000 accreditation in 2000. This is the same period that the company owned and controlled in-house processes including plastic injection, painting, testing and other several production processes. All processes fell under the company’s new conceptions and technologies that helped it to make finished helmets from raw materials under the same roof.

Current Position

The Company’s current position started with a change of name from MHR to JPH. The initials JPH represent the name JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD. It took a multi million Dollar injection from Arthur and Paul for the company to have the transformation that included having a space of 330,000 square feet, 1000 employees, and a production turnover that yielded 2 million helmets in a year. JPH became LS2 in 2005. LS2 are initials for LIAO’S SYSTEMS in 2007. The company produces its own products, and it has a headquarter office in Barcelona.

Canadian and US markets

LS2 moved to explore the Canadian and American markets in 2010 after successfully showcasing its products in an Italian EICMA show. The company managed to set up a 30,000 square feet warehouse in Chicago. This move shows that LS2 products have become accepted in the global world.

Design and Features

This helmet has a design that cuts the wind. The helmet has a lightweight that does not bring fatigue on the rider, and it adopts an aerodynamic technology. Its shell is made of HTTP composite. It is a helmet that compliments riding, and its comfort makes a rider to enjoy a ride.


The shield of the helmet enhances visibility in more than one way. To begin with, it is optically correct. This feature enables a rider to see objects clearly. The helmet also has a wide eye port. The port gives a rider a broad view.


A rider does not have to worry about the helmet coming off or tilting when riding. It has a strap with a quick release. The strap is easy to fasten and release, and it keeps the helmet in place at all times.


The LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior comes in three sizes: large, medium and small. It means that riders of all riding ages can find a helmet that matches the size of their heads. This feature makes junior helmets from LS2 to stand as an all-user product.


The helmet has adjustable ventilation properties. When it is hot, the flow-through process brings in the air and it keeps a rider cool. When the breeze gets cold, it is possible to lock it out and keep the head warm.

Padding and Interior

The liner of the helmet has qualities that define cleanliness and comfort. The liner is both removable and washable. This feature makes the liner replaceable and it is easy to clean too. The liner does not keep odor. It remains as fresh as new. Importantly, one cannot get any bacterial infection from wearing the liner. It has anti-bacterial resistance that keeps it hygienic.

Colors and Graphics

The helmet comes in black color, and it has graphics that slant on the cheeks. The graphics carry a mark of quality that denotes the trademark of the company. A rider easily identifies with the company that seeks to offer comfort and convenience to any rider.


The LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior is built for fun riding. The design and features of the helmet spell convenience from ventilation to other qualities that define comfort. It is a helmet designed for a quality riding experience.

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