LS2 Stream Full Face Helmet Review

About The Company

LS2 Helmet Company is a brainchild of Arthur Liao, and it started in a small rural house in 1990. Liao spent 350 Euros to start the company that focused in manufacturing helmets. He only managed to employ one employee, Peng Zheng, who still works for the company 20 years after its maiden operations.

Growth and expansion

The year 1992 saw Liao move to a 4000 square feet factory due to the growing demand for the helmets. The company employed 100 more people to handle its growing production. Notable among the new entrants was a brother to Liao, Stephen Lio, who joined the management team.

International Recognition

LS2 managed to internationalize in 1994. The company used the trademark FENGXING, which had become a popular brand in its domestic market. The same year saw the company move to an 18000 square feet facility. Later in 1997, the trademark changed to MHR, and the company carried out modernization improvements to its technology, machinery, and factory.

Family Business

MHR became more of a family business in 1999 when Paul Liao, brother to Arthur, joined the company. Paul was a successful businessman, and he brought an immense wealth of business experience to MHR. This transformation gave the company a firm foundation that the company enjoys today.


The company received an ISO9000 accreditation on 2000. In this period, the company had managed to make great strides of improvement since it had an in-house ownership and control of all new technologies and conceptions of making helmets. The company could manage to carry out painting, composite treatment, plastic injection, testing and other processes. Essentially, the company could produce helmets from raw materials to finished products from a single point of production.

Major transformation

In 2005, MHR became JIANGMEN PENGCHENG HELMETS LTD after a multi million Dollar investment from Paul and Arthur. The company had expanded its space to 330, 000 square feet. Additionally, it had employed 1000 employees and a turnover of over 2 million helmets annually.

Birth of LS2

The year 2007 witnessed JPM become LS2 (LIAO’S SYSTEMS). The move came from the need to move from the production of ODM and OEM products to production of the company’s own products. During the year, the company established its headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Additionally, the company exhibited its helmets in Italy’s EICMA show. Subsequently, LS2 brand became internationally recognized.

US Market

LS2 penetrated the US market in 2010 after setting up a 30,000 square feet warehouse that stood in Chicago, Illinois. This was a major move that opened the company to the American and Canadian markets. The company still seeks to penetrate more in the global market.

Design and Features

This LS2 Stream helmet has an intermediate oval shape that fits the head of a rider comfortably. It defines comfort. The shape does not leave unwanted spaces that come from a bad shape of a helmet design. Additionally, the helmet meets the ECE/DOT requirement standards. On the vehicle type that the helmet befits, it is ideal for street-cruiser motorcycles, street-touring motorcycles, street-sport motorcycles and street motor scooters.


The helmet features a built-in, drop-down sun shield that adopts a twin shield system technology. The shield comes in handy in protecting a wearer from the sun. One of the notable components of the shield is the flip switch that makes the shield to retract. It means that one does not have to block his vision while retracting the shield manually.

Chin Strap

An easy to secure and release chinstrap adds to the convenience of the helmet. The strap holds fast the helmet on the head of a rider. The helmet stays steady without tilting.


LS2 helmets adopt ventilation capabilities that apply a dynamic flow-through process. Air can flow through the shell through a ported and channeled EPS. At the back of the helmet, there is a rear port that exhausts warm air. It shows that a rider remains cool when wearing the helmet.

Padding and Interior

The interior of the helmet features a technical fabric liner. On the liner, there are two cheek pads that cut from high-quality foam using a laser technology. The pads define comfort since they do not have hot spots and they fit in comfortably. Importantly, the liner is removable and washable using hand wash. One can air dry the pads and it becomes easy to keep the helmet clean and make it look as good as new.

Colors and Graphics

The helmets come in a gloss white color, and it features graphics that denote the brand name LS2. The graphics appear on the front upper part of the helmet as well as the sides, on the cheek lines. The color and the graphics give a rider a great look.


The LS2 Stream Full Face Helmet defines comfort. It applies in several motorcycle riding activities, and it is built for safety. A rider should only expect quality and efficiency from an LS2 helmet.

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