MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet Review

Vista Outdoor Company has a division called Bell that majors in the production of the Bell Solid Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet for bike riders. They manufacture sport and normal helmets that are safe and good for every person. With unique products customized for specific use and finer details to increase safety and comfort, Bell is the best helmet manufacture. Many motorcycle sports are dangerous but with bell products, your safety will be guaranteed. You can visit the company websites to read more about other products from the Bell Company.

Design and features

The MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Helmet is customized for vigorous racing activities. The shell of the helmet is made to give ample space for the neck and shoulders with the ability to see from side to side. This is to allow the rider to make stiff turns, concentrate on the road and be able to see the other people and features of the road. If you are an extreme biker riding in rocky areas or courses that are rugged, this is the best helmet for you. The unique design allows you to go to the extremes of the bike while ensuring your head and neck are safe from accidents.

The shell is made with lightweight polycarbonate material. The type of riding associated with the helmet forces it to have more layers for maximum safety. Compared to the standard helmets, it is a bit heavy with the weight of just above one and a half kilograms. The goodness of the higher weight is that it increases safety with the several layers of shell. With many tests in the manufacturing, the helmet has been proven safer with the increased number of shells.


The vents are designed to fit the high speeds you will be moving at, to give sufficient supply of air while in motion. The mouth ventilation can be adjusted to give breathing air for the different speeds you will be moving at. When starting the motion, the vents have to be wide enough, to facilitate easy breathing. When in the high speed, you can close the vents to reduce the intake of air for comfortable breathing while in motion. The other vents above the face shield allow air to circulate in the whole helmet. This feature removes the humidity and heat from the helmet for comfort.

Padding and interior

The padding is made up of washable anti-bacterial material that ensures the head is safely protected and cleans always. Using the helmet in several occasions leaves sweat deposits and dirt particles. You can wash the dirt because the interior parts are removable. This feature ensures comfort all times. A dirty helmet can make you very uncomfortable. The material may also catch bad smells.

The padding is also made in a way that is fitting on the face, with extra layers that hold on to the forehead and the cheeks for stability. This will ensure shaking of the helmet does not destruct you from driving. The chin strap also has padding to ensure you do not get uncomfortable from a tight strap. More to it, the padding has the moisture wicking ability that dries your sweat while you are on the move.

The neck straps have a D-ring closing system that holds the helmet in position firmly. This ensures that the helmet does not get loose with more vigorous movements. This ensures the helmet cannot fall off in any situation.

Additional features

The design is aerodynamic, making the helmet good to go through tough air currents with less impact. The helmet cuts through hard air currents allowing you to move in strong winds with minimum implication on the speed and steering of the bike. You can enjoy making the stiff corners regardless of the amount of wind in the area you are riding.

The windshield is strong and scratch free. This ensures your vision is clear for good navigation of the bike. The shields can be replaced and they come in different colors to fit the lighting of the area you will be riding. This ensures that you are able to see the road clearly for good navigation.

Color and graphics

The helmets come in more color schemes and graphic designs that can fit any need. There are over twenty-three combinations of color and graphics you can choose from. The helmets can be customized to the specifications you want if they are included in the order when purchasing the helmet directly from Bell. Note that special features may come at an extra cost.


The Bell Solid Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet makes the best product any racer can go for. They come with all the safety features in place and a unique look that ensures you are safe. You will also stand out from the rest of the races, once you invest in a handy helmet.

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