NEXX XR1R Carbon Helmet Review

The Nexx XR1R Carbon Helmet is a premier option that boasts a sleek design. It provides impressive aerodynamics and ventilation for superior performance and maximum comfort. The product has the capacity to enhance the user’s ride. Nexx Helmets introduced this protective offering with the aim to provide a superior quality helmet to discerning riders.

The company achieved this objective by combining premium features of the original XR1R with the revamped full carbon shell. The new design is considerably lighter than the tri-composite shell of the original. It has a distinct shape and outstanding forward-facing vision. The interior is adjustable using pads, thus allowing bikers to achieve a custom fit.

The XR1R is Nexx’s first full-face helmet and it provides the best field of view through a relatively large eye port. The manufacturer managed to reduce weight by eliminating some of the usual parts found on most helmets. The trade-off does not compromise functionality, performance, or comfort.

About Nexx Helmets

Nexx has undoubtedly built a solid reputation when it comes to designing and manufacturing stylish, unique helmets. The company places considerable emphasis on design, style, and construction. It leverages the collective knowledge of its engineers, researchers, designers and skilled craftsmen to produce high-quality products.

The skilled manpower is supported by advanced manufacturing facilities and ultra-modern machine technologies. Nexx uses state-of-the-art lasers and robots to handle high precision designs. It follows strict quality guidelines at various stages of production. Each helmet goes through over 50 quality control steps.

Nexx continues to demonstrate its unparalleled commitment to design, innovation and safety many years after it entered the market.

Design and Features

The XR1R Carbon heralds a new design era when it comes to rider apparel. It was designed with weight as a key design factor; hence, it weighs only 1,200 grams. The manufacturer achieved the ultra-light design without undermining impact quality, comfort and high safety standards.

The CoolMax fabric lining is one of the key features incorporated into the design. This is aimed at ensuring that the interior remains super-fresh and comfortable. The fabric lining is designed to help control interior temperature.

The model also provides reflectors on the back, lateral and front side of the helmet. This is aimed at maximizing visibility and safety, particularly at night. A removable breath guard is also included for purposes of improving easy usage and cleaning.

Some of the key Nexx XR1R Carbon features include:

  • Multiple shells
  • Multi-point ventilation
  • Anti-scratch visor
  • Double D ring retention system
  • Removable liner
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Pin-lock ready
  • Wider eye port

A wider eye port makes it easier for riders to scan the surroundings, thus improving situational awareness. Doing so significantly reduces the risk of collision. The rider can detect the presence of vehicles and other objects. The port also minimizes frequency of head rotation. Improved peripheral vision enhances the feeling of openness inside the helmet, which in turn gives the rider a sense of freedom.


The XR1R model comes with a large chin vent that allows air to flow up along the back of the face shield. The airflow also moves through the small breath guard located at the top of the chin bar. As a result, the rider experiences above-average ventilation.

It is also fitted with a chin curtain designed to filter some of the air flowing from under the helmet. This improves airflow through the side and chin vents. Optimal airflow eliminates the possibility of stuffiness inside the helmet. The vents located at the top match the boomerang shape. The black plastic part directs air through the V-shaped hole.

All the vents have a three-position lever that can be adjusted to improve airflow. Despite the above-average ventilation and airflow, the rider is not subjected to high noise levels.

Padding and Interior

The XR1R has a comfortable interior, which features the innovative Ergo padding coupled with Nexx’s unique internal fitting system. Riders can customize the interior to suit head shape. The inner lining and cheek pads use the CoolMax fabrics that help keep the rider comfortable, dry and cool.

The helmet provides adjustable anti-noise protection features for maximum comfort. If desired, the ear pocket can be replaced by speakers. The lining and cheek pads are removable, washable and anti-allergenic. The rectangular pads fit at the sides while oval-shaped pads fit at the top of the helmet.

Colors and Graphics

The helmets come in a wide range of vibrant colors from which to choose. The color options are well-suited to the helmet’s style and design. This gives the product an outstanding finish that attracts attention. The perfectly applied and polished finish helps make the XR1R Carbon more desirable and stylish.

Some of the examples of attractive color options on offer include Electric Orange, Verde Lime and Yellow Del Sol. These colors are not only stylish but also help improve visibility on the road.

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