Nolan N90 Helmet Review

One of the few very high quality modular designs is the Nolan N90. This helmet cannot be compared with any other standard motorcycle helmet because it would beat most of the competitors with one glance. Ok, maybe its not the best motorcycle helmet of all time, but it is on the list!

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Nolan Helmets

Nolan is a company who has been dealing in motorcycle helmets since 1972. Based out of Bergamo, Italy Nolan is a company dedicated to quality and loyalty. So much so that while most other motorcycle helmet companies decided to go for ways to reduce the cost of production of their helmets, Nolan stayed true keeping their employees and factories open.

They have continued on this path throughout their companies history and today still provide high quality, safe helmets for riders around the world. One of those helmets is the Nolan N90 Modular Helmet. This is one of the reasons we decided to review this helmet because of its high quality design and company producing it.

Modular Design and Features

The shell of the N90 is made out of a polycarbonate that is made to resist impact and damage at high speeds. All of the helmets by Nolan are tested and designed with safety and mind and N90 in particular has received a DOT rating making it safe for riders to wear.

Looking over the outside you can see right away the scratch and UV resistant visor that is made with safety features that lock it into place. With a closer look you will notice the sun visor on the interior of the main visor.

The sun visor is made to block harmful rays from the sun and give you the convenience of not needing to hassle with sunglasses that fit inside your helmet. Its also made with a thickness equal to the face shield itself to ensure protection to your eyes during an event such as an accident or debris from the road.


Next we come to the ventilation of the N90. Nolan has positioned their vents at precise locations to allow the best creation of airflow. With two chin vents, two top/front vents, and 4 in one exhaust vents there is certainly no need to worry about getting overheated in this helmet. These vents also have open and close covers that are easily closed and opened even with thick gloves on.

Because exhaust vents are hard to find on modular designs Nolan has found a way to incorporate this into the N90. The airflow is channeled throughout the interior with semi-deep channels built in to the liner and the padding. These channels create the airflow most modular designed helmets lack and allow airflow through the helmet in the closed face or open face positions.

Padding and Interior

When it comes to the padding of the N90 its fully removable and comfortable while still giving you the fit that’s needed for riding at any speed. Nolan made the padding removable and fully machine washable this way you don’t have to suffer with dirty interior padding. An extra neckroll has also been included for noise reduction and has been found to keep cooler air inside the helmet while hotter air vents out through the exhausts.

One of the best components of this model is the modular function. Having the modular design is great because it gives you the option to have a closed face or open face helmet on any given day. The N90 by Nolan could very well be one of the best helmets that have the modular design and operate flawlessly.

Colors and Graphics

Another great detail about this helmet is the fact that you can get it in multiple colors or with different colored graphics. The helmet comes with plain colors available like black or white and it also comes with different colored graphics as well.

The N90 also comes in multiple sizes so you wont have to worry about it not coming in a size that fits your head. Some of the sizes range from Extra small all the way through double extra large and everything in between. It will be hard to find one that doesn’t fit than one that does.

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Everything about the N90 tells us that Nolan took their time in creating a high performance helmet. When it comes to protection, the liner and shell have been tested at high impact speeds and have received a DOT rating.

If you are looking for the best priced helmet with every feature and component you need the Nolan N90 is highly recommended.

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