Our Icon Alliance Helmet Review

Today we are reviewing the Icon Alliance motorcycle helmet. The helmet we have pictured below has a black matte finish, however, there are many different options available as well as solid colors. Don’t let the graphics draw your attention away from the amazing design and features of the Alliance.

Ride Icon

Icon (aka. Ride Icon) is a company founded and based completely in motorcycles. They make it a priority to produce high-quality motorcycle equipment and gear and don’t stop until they have the best. Icon has been around for some time and they have been producing some of the best motorcycle helmets used in motorsports today.

To bring back the focus on the Icon Alliance this helmet is designed for street racing and riding. It’s made to reduce air resistance and increase airflow within the helmet for ventilation. Like most street helmets its designed for safety above all to allow your head and neck to be fully protected if an accident were to ever occur while keeping you comfortable within it.

Alliance Ventilation

Icon has created a great air flow system on this model. With vents on top of the shell that allow airflow from above to circulate through the deep channels in the padding and chin vents to push that air back to the exhaust, there is no shortage of ventilation. To pull the stale and incoming air out of the interior, Icon has equipped the Alliance with dual rear/side exhaust vents and two top/rear exhaust vent systems.

As with Icons style which is to test all of the ventilation and ensure each rider has optimal airflow in this helmet they tested the Alliance in a wind tunnel to make sure all of the vents worked and provided the best ventilation possible.

While the ventilation system of this helmet is high quality, the shell they are built into is the real pillar on which it stands. The shell is made from a highly protective injection molded polycarbonate that has been proven to give high impact resistance and protection from dangers at high speeds. In fact, this could be Icons best helmet yet and its protection is the reason it has been given Snell, DOT, and ECE ratings among others.


Moving along to the visor of the Alliance gives you 7 different placements for visor positioning. Icon has also created a visor that is scratch and fog resistant. Their visor is also designed to be swapped out quickly and efficiently with their quick change system.

The chin vents built into the shell of the helmet are another method of preventing fog buildup on the visor. Icons visor is made to meet military visibility specifications and they only use the highest quality visors for elite vision while riding. This helmet also comes with a removable breath guard to reduce fogging. If it’s good enough for the military it will definitely be good enough for any motorcycle rider.

Padding and Lining

The padding on the interior has been made for comfort while also giving you the best fit, that way it does not move during high speed riding and most importantly during a collision. Icon has created their Hydra Dry padding to make sure that no moisture build up occurs while riding and ensures the rider of staying cool inside the helmet.

When it comes to padding if you don’t stay cool, sweats build up, this sweat will then get absorbed by the helmet’s padding. For this reason, Icon has equipped the Alliance with fully removable padding. Because the padding is fully removable it can be washed, that way you can ride with a clean helmet each time and your attention can be fully focused on the track or road and not the smell of your dirty padding.

Size and Fit

Looking at this helmet you might be thinking, all of that stuff is great but does it come in a size that will allow it to fit comfortably on my head?

The Icon Alliance comes in various sizes ranging from extra small all the way up through 3X large. With this many sizes to choose from it will be harder finding one that will not fit your head that finding on that does.

Another thing to consider with this helmet is your actual head shape. People have different head shapes and to cater to this need Icon created the alliance with a long oval head shape. Long oval will fit most head shapes comfortably without cutting off the circulation to your head. If you have a different type of head shape it doesn’t mean this helmet won’t fit it only means it may fit differently on your head that a person who has long oval head shape.

Graphics and Colors

You can find examples of the Alliance with a graphic on it below. This graphic is the Shakki graphic however, there are many different graphics to choose from. This is just an example so you can see what it would look like if it were to have a graphic.

For the look of the Alliance the helmet we are reviewing has a black rubatone finish, however, this is not the finish you have to settle with. That is of course unless you like it! It was just our preference to display. The Alliance can be purchased with multiple graphics and finishes to suit your preference. You can even go as far as adding graphics on the visors and side plates to give it a truly custom look.

For the price, there isn’t a better value out there that can compete with the high-performance quality and features of the Alliance.

Updated: July 30, 2017 — 1:05 am
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