Scorpion Covert Helmet Review

The first time we saw the Scorpion Covert Helmet we knew it was not only a helmet we wanted to review but maybe more importantly, we wanted to own it. Why? The absolutely great storm trooper look. It’s a real head-turner and the black matte finish fits in perfectly with low profile matte motorcycle color […]

MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet Review

MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Vista Outdoor Company has a division called Bell that majors in the production of the Bell Solid Men’s MX-9 Adventure Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet for bike riders. They manufacture sport and normal helmets that are safe and good for every person. With unique products customized for specific use and finer details to increase safety and […]

HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet Review

HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz

HJC Helmets is a helmet producing company that majorly produces motorcycle helmets. For over forty-four years, it has been producing safe helmets for racing and other outdoor activities. The company is committed to producing the HJC CL-17 Striker Hi Viz Full Face Helmet and will continue focusing on the safety of the motorcycle riders. It […]

NEXX XR1R Carbon Helmet Review

NEXX XR1R Carbon Helmet

The Nexx XR1R Carbon Helmet is a premier option that boasts a sleek design. It provides impressive aerodynamics and ventilation for superior performance and maximum comfort. The product has the capacity to enhance the user’s ride. Nexx Helmets introduced this protective offering with the aim to provide a superior quality helmet to discerning riders. The […]

LS2 Helmets Beyond Review

LS2 Helmets Beyond

Not all motorbike helmets are made the same. Some look good and quite a few are strong on the ‘build’ front. And then there are helmets that incorporate the latest tech into them. There are also helmets that cater to a specific demographic, such as young adults or senior riders. Only a few helmet makers […]

Bell Qualifier Helmet Review

Bell Qualifier blackout Helmet

The Bell Helmet Company is part of the larger Vista Outdoor and it majors in production of helmets for auto racing, motorcycles, and bicycles. It has been producing the best quality helmets since 1954. The products from Bell are strong, durable and eye-catching. Bell products are the safest products to use for any activity that […]

LS2 Stream Full Face Helmet Review

LS2 Stream Full Face Helmet

About The Company LS2 Helmet Company is a brainchild of Arthur Liao, and it started in a small rural house in 1990. Liao spent 350 Euros to start the company that focused in manufacturing helmets. He only managed to employ one employee, Peng Zheng, who still works for the company 20 years after its maiden […]

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior Helmet Review

LS2 Helmets FF392 Junior

The Company Arthur Liao started LS2 in 1990 from a rural house that measured only 600 square feet. The company had a sole aim of manufacturing helmets. He could only afford to employ just one person, Peng, who is still an employee of the company to date. The initial capital outlay for the company was […]

Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 Helmet Review

Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 helmet image

  When it comes to motorcycle riding, many people look at their safety. However, today apart from looking at safety many people especially the young riders are also considering how they look while riding. That is why many companies have evolved in the way they make their riding gear, and especially the helmets. One of […]

Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Modular Helmet Review

picture of the bilt techno 2.0 helmet

A Bluetooth helmet makes motorcycle riding a different experience altogether – thanks to features such as inter-rider intercom, high-fidelity stereo audio, and cell phone calling, to name a few. In this article, we’ll talk about a particular Bluetooth motorcycle helmet called Bilt Techno 2.0. If you’re considering buying this helmet, this review shall help you […]

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