Schuberth C3 Pro Helmet Review

During the past seventy years, Schuberth’s head protection technology has been a leader in motorcycle, auto racing, industrial, firefighting, police and military safety equipment. Based in Magdeburg, Germany, Schuberth is an award-winning designer of helmets for a wide range of uses and boasts a well-earned reputation for protection, durability, and design.

The C3 Pro Helmet is Schuberth’s newest entry into the world of motorcycling. This helmet, a product of evolutionary and revolutionary design, has an aerodynamic design shape suitable for racing. Each helmet is handmade, not produced on a rapidly moving assembly line. The outer shell material is a combination of fiber and carbon that offers the lowest possible weight with the highest strength. The inner shell and inner lining are designed for maximum shock absorption, fit and comfort.

Most of the improvements have been integrated as a result of feedback from actual riders. Several elements of precision fitting and visor adjust-ability have been adapted by Schuberth’s engineers while developing the newest models of C3 Pro and C3 Pro for Women.

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Shell and Materials

The shell of the C3 Pro is produced in two sizes. The shape is more aerodynamic than past models while optimally formed for maximum protection. Schuberth uses their own high compression molding process to achieve the most protection at the lightest weight. The shell is produced from a special material, fiber and resins compressed under high-pressure conditions in a vacuum to guarantee maximum strength. Quality assurance checks are performed at every critical inspection point during production.

Modular Design

The C3 Pro is a modular helmet so not only can you wear it as a full face helmet but you can also push the chin bar up and on top of the helmet allowing your face to be open similar to an open face helmet. Some of the benefits of this feature are that you can vent your face by opening the helmet completely and get a better view of what you looking at such as a map or other items.

C3 Pro Ventilation

The Schuberth C3 Pro employs the newest venting style and improved airflow. While still maintaining the quietest internal noise level, the multiple channels through the inner lining and chin vent area allow nine liters of air per second at 60 mph (100 km/hr), an improvement of up to 60% over the previous version. Rear exhaust vents allow the air to escape in order to further minimize resistance.

In cold weather, as riders employ hoods, scarves and other neck protection, some of the ventilation can be restricted and cause a CO2 build-up inside some helmets. The C3 Pro vents are situated to prevent excess CO2 accumulation from reaching the danger level of 3.5%. With the C3 Pro, the CO2 level should never exceed 0.5%. Below we’ve included the HiViz Yellow version great for riding where youll always be seen!

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Visors for the C3 Pro

Due to Schuberth’s double glazing technology for its visors, the C3 Pro has eliminated condensation. With its Pinlock visor, Schuberth has developed an Easy-Change mechanism to make visor changes simple. The integrated system allows for quick adjustment to light conditions and personal preference.

Schuberth visors are available in your choice of colors and styles. You may select an HV1 Hi-Definition Yellow, SV1 Hi-Definition Orange, tinted Light Smoke, tinted Dark Smoke, or an 80%-tinted sun visor. Mirrored visors come in iridium or blue colors.
The “city position�? with visor-up is very easily adapted with the C3 Pro. The helmet should be in this position when idling or in slow traffic in order to minimize the accumulation of gases within the helmet.

The C3 Pro visors are certified by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Economic Commission of Europe (ECE).

The internal sun visors drop down with an easy-to-reach slider at the base of the helmet. It is made with an anti-scratch material and complies with the very stringent Australian Standard for UV protection.

Padding and Liner Material

Schuberth has developed special materials and padding to accommodate any face or head shape or size. The manufacturer uses materials that include COOLMAX and Thermocool that will adapt to perfect fit, absorb maximum shock and still be comfortable and cool. The linings are designed to eliminate moisture while providing coolness upon contact. Repositioning the pad system can adjust ventilation to several different settings based on the weather and your personal preference. Additional features are:

• The Coolmax pad system is easily removable for washing.
• Variable venting
• Lining is adjustable for winter and summer.
• Lining is antibacterial and allergen–free.
• Head and Cheek pads are removable.

The retention system uses an easy-to-use and highly secure micro-ratchet system that allows for comfort adjustments to several positions.

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The Schuberth SRC Communication system for C3 Pro allows effective listening to music or talking on your smartphone while cruising the highways. The connectivity and reception are rated excellent by current users. This system has two built-in antennae in the helmet, one for Bluetooth and one for FM radio.

The SRC for C3 Pro system allows you to communicate easily with up to three fellow riders through the Intercom Conference mode. You may also communicate directly and easily with your passenger. And MP3 capability is also part of the system.

The GPS guidance through Bluetooth will give you what you need to find your way.

Color and Graphics

Along with the most critical elements of safety and comfort is the appearance of the helmet. Schuberth puts each helmet through a spraying process four times before the primer, paint, and varnish are considered finished and ready for the final graphics to be applied. Applying the graphics requires another lengthy process as the technicians take special care so that each helmet is identical.

Schuberth introduced their new “Intensity graphics in blue/white and black/titanium. These colors jump out with metallic backgrounds and appear extremely vibrant. Matte or dulled-finish colors are also available.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Benefits: The Schuberth C3 Pro has all the right features. The communications system is unique, the styling is aerodynamic and sleek, and the redesigned internal pads are set to accommodate just about any head shape and size. These helmets will deliver the utmost on safety.

Drawbacks: While most reviews of the C3 Pro are excellent or ‘five-star’ in just about every category, the issue of total cost is brought to question. When painted with the Intensity colors and fully-equipped with the SRC Communications System for C3 Pro, this entire package can add up to $1200. This price is higher than many other helmets on the market.

So the question of value, as always, comes into play when deciding to purchase.

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