Scorpion Covert Helmet Review

The first time we saw the Scorpion Covert Helmet we knew it was not only a helmet we wanted to review but maybe more importantly, we wanted to own it. Why? The absolutely great storm trooper look. It’s a real head-turner and the black matte finish fits in perfectly with low profile matte motorcycle color schemes. Basically, if you’re looking for a coolness factor, you can’t go wrong with the Scorpion Covert Helmet.

However, having a cool looking helmet is not always enough, there are other factors that should definitely be considered, such as safety, materials, fit and finish, comfort, ventilation, etc. We’ll go through them below, but let’s start with the company.


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About the Company

Scorpion EXO is based in Santa Fe Springs, California and is currently a privately held company. At only ten years old they are practically a baby compared to industry heavy weights like Shoei and Bell. But they produce leading edge products at fabulous prices and as can be seen from this Scorpion Covert Helmet, they’re not afraid to experiment with new styles and technologies. You can view their entire product line at

Helmet Design and Features

Besides the great looks, what truly sets this helmet apart is its versatility to go from a half size helmet, to a three-quarters open helmet and even further, to what appears to be (but isn’t) a full-sized helmet.

All this magic is done via the use of two separate components, the rear comfort sleeve, which turns the Covert helmet into a 3/4 open face helmet, and the face mask, which uses two industrial strength Neodymium magnets to cleverly attach itself to the front of the helmet, in only seconds. Adding the comfort sleeve requires only a few seconds more since it doesn’t use magnets. Removing the components definitely takes longer than adding them, but we’re talking about perhaps a minute total.


Take a look at this short video from Scorpion explaining some of the features:


This design addresses the issue of needing multiple helmets for different environments. But instead of carrying an extra helmet, the much smaller component pieces easily fit in a back pack on in the corner of a pannier or saddle bag.

Unfortunately, the modular design of this helmet has kept it from earning a SNELL safety rating, but on the plus side it did pass all DOT safety ratings and is therefore completely DOT certified.

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Shell, Liner, and Padding

The shell of the Scorpion Covert helmet is composed of a proprietary Advanced LG® Polycarbonate Shell, designed to protect and spread out any impact, but also to minimize weight, a big factor on long rides.

The liner of the Scorpion Covert is made from KwikWick II® an anti-microbial comfort liner designed especially for Scorpion. Both the crown liner and the neck roll/cheek pad are fully removable and easily washable. The crown liner is held in place by four snaps and the combined roll/cheek pad is held in place by six velcro points. Removal and assembly are both very straight forward.

There have been reports by users of being able to modify the padding slightly in order to successfully fit a Sena Bluetooth Communication System.

One quick word of caution regarding the liner; hand wash if at all possible and absolutely do not machine dry unless you want to have to order a replacement liner set.


Scorpion Covert Air Ventilation

Great ventilation is a common often heard regarding this helmet. This is of course due to the modular design which allows three different configurations to match whatever your current riding conditions might be. However, along with great ventilation you also usually get…. an increase in noise inside the helmet. This is, of course, caused not only by the increased circulation of controlled air (vents) but also by the very nature of the modular design.


Intake Vents

Scorpion chose the Aero Tuned Ventilation System for the Covert, which is comprised of two intake vents across the top of the helmet and additional mouth vents built into the face mask. The combination definitely yields great internal air flow and definitely keeps the visor from fogging. This is a great three season helmet but perhaps a bit too drafty for winter conditions.

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Face Protection

The face mask which can be added to the helmet via the magnets provides the “look” of a full face helmet and you would think it would provide the same level of protection. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Scorpion states in their user manual:

The Mask is NOT FOR PROTECTION but for comfort use.

The mask will definitely protect you from gravel, dust, bugs, etc., but it is not meant to protect in any sort of impact. You must consider this a 3/4 open face helmet in regards to safety and use a full-fledged full face helmet whenever you think you’ll need full face protection.


EverClear Speedview Drop-Down Sun Visor

The retractable internal sun visor (shield) built into the Scorpion Covert is one of its most popular (and cooler) features. The visor slides “into” the helmet, providing a very clean look when the visor is up. The helmet came with a smoked visor pre-installed but an additional clear visor was included as well for night-time riding.

According to Scorpion, the EverClear coating applied to both sides of the visor provides a fog-free ride. Combined with the great ventilation this helmet provides we definitely agree that fogging is not an issue.

Operating the visor is very easy and can be done with either hand, tabs are available on each side of the visor for an easy grip. We had no issues flipping it up and down continuously at any speed. Swapping out the visors does take a little getting used to but after a few changes, it became second nature.


Graphics and Colors

The Scorpion Covert helmet is available in any color, as long as it is matte black. Yep, the helmet only comes in one color and one finish, but the color scheme is what makes the helmet so menacing to begin with. You can, of course, customize it with decals or you can even have it painted, but we seriously doubt anyone who purchased this helmet for its looks would make any color changes to it.

As always, keep in mind that painting or adding decals can, depending on the materials used, affect the integrity of the shell, so advance with care.


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In Conclusion

We have tried to cover the features of the Scorpion Covert helmet as best as we can. Overall we find that its two strongest suits are the storm-trooper look and the ability to morph from a half shell to a 3/4 open faced helmet with face protection. The price is great. The materials and finish are first rate and the five-year warranty will keep you covered for a while.

Our only hesitation lies in the lack of facial protection as well as the excellent ventilation, which can come back to haunt you in the middle of winter. However, as a second or third helmet, you can’t beat this model. And if you live in California or the South Western states, this helmet could definitely suffice as your only helmet.

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