Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 Helmet Review


When it comes to motorcycle riding, many people look at their safety. However, today apart from looking at safety many people especially the young riders are also considering how they look while riding. That is why many companies have evolved in the way they make their riding gear, and especially the helmets. One of the products in the market today that has really been applauded and is currently available is the Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 helmet.

About The Company

Scorpion EXO is a U.S.A based company located in Santa Fe Springs California. It has over ten years in the designing and manufacturing of helmets and riding apparels. It has its own state of the art manufacturing facilities, where it spends hours trying to design the best high-quality products. Many of the famous world riders from world GP and Dakar rally use the products of this company. The company is dedicated to providing premium, but safe and affordable products to all riders.

Designs and Features

Many riders have praised the new features in the new Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100. One of these features is that it has adjustable air cheek pads, which means it, can be used by everyone. All that the riders need to do is adjust the straps to fit into their face shape and size. The helmet has been designed to follow the features of one’s face and it, therefore, snugly adjusts to one’s face.

It also has cheek pads and a helmet liner, which can easily be removed, washed and replaced back. This liner is also breathable for more comfort. Many riders also say that the Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 is much lighter, which is an added advantage to the rider. The helmet itself is made of fiberglass or Kevlar. It has a hardened coating, which helps in noise insulation and is also anti scratch. This product is ECE 22.05/ DOT certified.

When it comes to eye protection, this helmet has an internal, retractable light smoke visor that reduces eyestrain. This is especially important in situations where there is changing light situations and therefore, riders do not need to change the face shields as they adjust themselves to fit each situation. In foggy situations, one can comfortably use the ever-clear coating on both sides of the helmet. The breath deflector also ensures that one has a fog free ride.


Ventilation is perhaps the most important feature, as the rider needs to be comfortable while riding. This helmet has adjustable and indexed front and rear vents with aero-tuned rear spoiler reducer lifts. They help to create vacuum and therefore, maximize air flow inside the helmet. The materials used in lining the interior of the helmet are breathable, hence providing assistance in increasing air circulation too.

Padding and Interior

When it comes to face protection, this helmet has been designed to ensure that the face of the rider is well protected while riding. The helmet has an EPS lined chin bar that ensures the chin is shielded from any friction. The rider cannot, therefore, get bruises and scratches on the chin. The cheek pads also ensure maximum comfort as they are made of a triple density foam. The chin vents in the helmet further slide open rather than popping closed in an accident. The foam chassis helps to increase ventilation and the rider feels cool while riding. It also has moisture — kwickwick liner technology and cheek pads, which are breathable and can be washed regularly. These liners are hypoallergenic meaning even those with allergy problems can wear the helmet. The liners are soft to the touch and hence offer much comfort to the face and chin of the rider while riding.

Colors and Graphics

Many riders want to buy a helmet that will help them stand out when riding. Most of the helmets today can be designed and personalized according to the preferences of a rider. All the rider needs to do is choose a design and the motorcycle company will customize it. This helmet also comes in various colors and designs to suit the young and old, males and females. The best features of the new Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 have to do with the fact that it offers more comfort and adjustability to any rider, given the manner in which the interior and exterior parts have been designed.


The Scorpion Tiffany EXO-1100 helmet offers the needed safety, through its hardened coating, a factor which is very important when riding. This can be very important especially in the event of an accident. The fact that it is also adjustable to fit any face size and shape has made it very popular. It has received many accolades from the manufacturers, riders and those who organize such sports races like Moto GP. When it comes to sales, this helmet is selling faster in the market compared to other helmet types.

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