Shark Race R Pro Helmet Review

One of the helmets that doesn’t get enough attention is the Shark Race R Pro. So we’ve decided to review it and give you an idea of what we like so much about this helmet. To give you an idea of what were talking about, the Race R is designed for racing (like its name implies) and has all of the features and benefits you’d look for in a helmet like this.

Shark is a company that for the past 25 years has been creating some of the highest performing helmets with the safety and features that compare to some of the helmet worlds biggest leaders like Aria, Shoei, and Icon. Their company is made up of Ex-professional riders who know exactly what a helmet needs and work everyday to provide those needs in every helmet they design and produce.

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Overall Features and Design

One of the unique features of the Race-R Pro are the vents and spoilers. They don’t just serve one individual purpose each, they serve two. The vents work as vents and they also work as spoilers that keep the helmet firmly on your head. We mention this first because its one of the main design features that drew our attention to it when we decided to write this review.

We also found out that the shell is actually made out of carbon fiber and not just a polycarbonate material. At a first glance the carbon fiber shell isn’t really noticeable but when you look closer you can see that the shell is definitely made out of this material. Carbon Fiber helmets are very strong and are very safe and protective because the material itself is super strong and can withstand high impacts.

Shell Construction

Like we’ve already mentioned this shell is constructed out of a Carbon Aramid Fibre (aka. Carbon Fiber with Aramid). While Carbon Fiber is a huge advantage because of its light weight and very high strength, its not the reason we chose to review this helmet. Some people will buy anything just because its made with this material, and this helmet has so much more to offer than just the shell material.

Getting back to the shell construction of the Race-R Pro, its designed to give you the least amount of air resistance with its aerodynamic design. The shell has an oval shape with ridges and channels designed to allow air to flow up and around the helmet without catching and edges or causing resistance while riding at high speeds.

Another one of the features of this helmets shell construction that set it apart from most of the others is the double blade spoiler set into the rear top of the helmet. This spoiler is great because at high speeds it actually assists the aerodynamic shell and allows a smooth transition of air when it is flowing over the top of the helmet. This also helps keep the helmet in place on your head while you ride or race.


The Race R Pro is equipped with eleven Exhaust and Intake vents, some of which are adjustable to limit, increase, or completely stop the amount of air flowing into the helmet. Each vent has a purpose and they all create the best airflow inside the helmet to keep the rider cool. These vents not only allow airflow into the helmet but they assist in keeping the helmet as aerodynamic as possible.

Intake Vents

Five of the vents on this helmet are intake vents that keep cool fresh air flowing into the helmet. The first intake vent is located in the mouth/chin portion of the helmet. This vent has 3 adjustable positions and they are fully open, filtered, and closed. Yes, there is actually a filter included with the helmet to filter the air coming into the mouth/chin vent.

The other four intake vents are located on the top of the helmet and the first two are on the top front portion of the shell. These two forehead vents allow air to enter the helmet and cool the front/top part of your head and also help circulate the air coming in from the mouth vent.

Last but not least there are two intake vents located on the rear/top portion of the helmet. The main function of these two vents is to cool the back of your head and neck and to create a suction for the rest of the incoming air that will then be exhausted by the exhaust vents.

Exhaust Vents

Six of the Eleven vents on the shell of the helmet are exhaust vents that allow the stale hot air to be removed from the helmet and don’t allow it to build up and make you uncomfortable. The first of these six vents are on the sides of the helmet near the cheeks and they pull the air coming into the helmet from the mouth vent to cool your face and then exhaust that hot air.

The second set of exhaust vents you’ll find on the top rear portion of the helmet. These two vents also help create a suction in the top portion of the helmet to pull cool, fresh air back into the helmet and cool off the top of your head while exhausting the air that has become hot.

Lastly, you’ll find two exhaust vents on the rear lower sides of the helmet that, again, aid the suction in the helmet to pull air into the helmet and cool off your checks and lower head. Then they exhaust any of the air that’s become stale and hot keeping the air in the helmet cool and fresh.


Like most of the visors on modern motorcycle helmets, this one has all of the good and none of the bad. The visor itself is made with a class 1 visor which means that it will give you vision like you weren’t wearing one, only you are! It’s also equipped with a quick release mechanism that lets you swap the visor quickly and easily.

Not only can you swap the visor if it ever got badly scratched but to prevent minor scratches the visor is given an anti-scratch anti-fog treatment to keep your view of the road clean, clear, and unobstructed.

Padding and Liner

To add to the protection of the carbon fiber shell, the helmet has a thick liner and padding that creates additional protection from high impact collisions. The padding can be purchased in 3 different sizes to make the fit the perfect one for you and to make sure that the helmet doesn’t move awkwardly on your head while you ride.

Under the padding, Shark has even made a place for their Sharktooth system to be added. A lot of helmets don’t have places to put a communication system and they make it very uncomfortable to have one in. The Race R Pro does not have this problem because it’s designed to be Sharktooth compatible with its very own spot inside the padding.

Graphics and Colors

As far as graphics go you can find this helmet with a decent variety of them that will make it look unique and cool. For colors, on the other hand, we were only able to find black, black matte, white, and red. Just because we couldn’t find other colors it doesn’t mean they are not available it just means we didn’t see them.

Either way with all the graphics available you should be able to find one in the colors you prefer. Also, if you aren’t able to find one that you like you can always get a flat white or black color and have someone add the graphics you prefer. Below we’ve included the one we liked the best which is called the Kimbo

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Overall we really like the Shark Race R Pro because its design makes it very easy to ride in knowing that you won’t have air pushing your head back the whole time. Also, all of the little things about this helmet that make it comfortable to wear and ride in make it one that we would choose any day of the week.

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