Shoei GT Air Helmet Review

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We have wanted to review the Shoei GT Air for some time now, and so we have! Shoei is a company making some of the best helmets on the market today and they are respected by riders everywhere. They’re not only respected but people absolutely love their helmets, and it’s with good reason. Each motorcycle helmet they produce is made with only the highest quality materials and they’re made specifically for protection without sacrificing comfort and features.

As with all of their helmets, the GT Air was given this same attention and detail and has even been improved to perform where other Shoei models may have lacked. With it’s aerodynamic shell design and the unique features built right into the helmet Shoei has not missed anything in this model.

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Helmet Design and Features

Every little indent and feature on the shell of this helmet has been placed there for a reason. A big part of that reason is to make the helmet completely aerodynamic and to reduce air resistance. Air Resistance is that annoying thing that holds us back from top speeds and pushes our hair and helmets back on our head.

It also happens to be what creates all the noise inside a helmet when you ride. This helmet’s design helps to reduce as much of that noise as possible and allows it to flow smoothly over and around the outside of the helmet. When the air does not meet a lot of resistance it makes for a much quieter ride, which is always nice.

Air resistance isn’t all bad though, it’s also what keeps us cool inside helmets on hot days. If there was no air resistance you wouldn’t have that cool breeze flowing through the vents on the helmet keeping your head and face cool. You wouldn’t even need vents because there would be no way for them to push the air into and out of the helmet.

The design of this helmet has also earned it a DOT safety rating which ensures it’s safety and stability.

Shell and Exterior Materials

When it comes to the shell of the GT-Air Shoei hasn’t held back on it at all. It’s for this reason that Shoei is one of the favorites in most motorcycle riding communities. They are about the protection of your head first and the features and additions that are more of comfortable luxuries later.

This shell is made with organic fibers that are combined with fiberglass to create a shell that will protect your head even in the highest impact crashes. Another big part of the shell, as we touched on previously, is the shape and design. It’s made with grooves and indents that give the helmet an aerodynamic edge and will keep the helmet on your head instead of it lifting and tilting around uncomfortably.

Even the vents themselves are incorporated into the shell in a way that leaves no points of weakness or instability and keeps you safe. For this reason Shoei has even designed the helmet to have a rear spoiler built right into the shell instead of making a spoiler that is added to the shell later and could create a weakness in the helmets design.

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Shoei GT Air Ventilation

When it comes to ventilation Shoei uses their wind tunnel tests to help them locate the optimal positions for vents on their helmets. Using the wind tunnel test they can get a feel for what the vents will do at different speeds. This means the GT-Air is designed to keep you cool while you ride at any speed, fast or slow.

Intake Vents

The GT-Air has two main intake vents for incoming fresh air to circulate through the helmet. First, the main vent is located on the top front area of the helmet. This vent allows fresh air to enter the helmet and cool the top your head while you ride. It also allows that same air to flow through the channels built into the lining and cool the back of the head and neck.

You can see the second main intake vent on the front mouth portion of the helmet. This vent lets the cool air flow into the facial part of the helmet to cool off the front of your head and face. Then that same air can circulate to the back of the helmet cooling off your ears and sides of your head. Like the Arai Defiant, the front vent also can help to clear up any fog that might build up on the anti fog shield and can be closed or opened easily, even with gloves on.

Exhaust Vents

Intake vents are only as good as the exhaust vents that pull out the stale hot air. With out exhaust vents on a helmet the incoming air gets breathed in and exhaled into the helmet which makes it hot and stale inside the helmet. The exhaust vents on this helmet are designed to pull the air out using a push pull suction design.

The first of the two exhaust vents is located on the top back part of the helmet and it’s large enough to let out all of the incoming air by itself while also helping to pull in more fresh air. On the lower back part of the helmet you’ll also find an exhaust vent that pulls out any air the top vent may have missed and keeps the air flowing in the helmet by creating a suction like air pull.

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Face Protection

Two Shields are built into the GT-Air one for your face and one for your eyes. The face shield is designed to give the rider a wider and taller field of vision. Each shield is made with a distortion free injection molding process that makes sure you have the clearest vision on the road.

Face Shield

99% of the suns harmful rays are blocked by the face shield itself and it’s fog and scratch resistant to ensure the distortion free view stays that way. Shoei’s base plate allows the face shield to slide smoothly up and down while still keeping it held firmly in place while you ride. This allows you to have full protection from wind and dirt so your eyes stay clear while you ride. It also makes swapping out the face shield much easier with their pinlock system.

Eye Shield

The eye shield is integrated into the top of the helmet that way the liner is not compromised by its function. One of the best features of the eye shield are that it’s designed to be easily raised and lowered with a switch on the side that can even be used with gloves. This eye shield is made to be distortion, fog, and scratch resistant just like the face shield and also blocks 99% of the suns harmful UV-rays.

Liner and Padding

Padding on the GT-Air is another area that was not left out by Shoei. With their Max-Dry liner absorbing sweat and the channels built into it for optimal airflow this padding won’t have you uncomfortable inside the helmet. Like most of the other helmets this padding is also fully removable and you can machine wash it to give it that new again clean feel and smell.

This Padding is also designed to keep the helmet sitting securely on your head while you ride at high speeds. As for the comfort of it, you can adjust the padding near the ears to give it a firmer fit or remove a layer to loosen it up a bit. Other than that there is no need to adjust the padding because it’s also designed to fit any head and provide maximum comfort.

Graphics and Colors

You can find multiple graphics for this helmet. The one you see below is the GT-Air Journey in red, black, and gray. While the helmets with graphics are more expensive they are totally worth it for the look they give the helmet. Yes, that last statement is our opinion. You actually don’t need graphics for this helmet to look good. We have the Anthracite version which is a color, not a graphic.

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It also comes in multiple colors like Black, Matte Black, Silver, Anthracite (metallic look pictured at the top of this page), Red, Yellow, and White. On top of all of these colors the huge variety of graphics should leave you with plenty of options to make this helmet look great while you ride.

In Conclusion

We have gone over all of the major features and benefits in this Shoei GT Air helmet review and even some minor ones. Overall this helmet is great for racing or just general riding and it’s been designed to suit any rider, casual or racing. To get a better feel for the helmet the best thing you can do is get it and try it out for yourself!

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  1. Dan
    | Reply

    Hi there, I’m about to purchase a shoei helmet but can’t decide which one and wondered if you can help? I am an up right rider- Honda gold wing which has a large windscreen. Iv narrowed my serch to the GT air and neotic. Cheers, dan

    • Bobby D
      | Reply

      Hello Dan,

      Personally, seeing as your riding on a Gold Wing. I’d have to recommend the Neotech. Only because the GT Air, while it’s a great helmet, is made more for riders who are leaning forward. It’s also more of a racing helmet. Where the Neotech is a modular helmet so you get that functionality and its made more for riders who cruise and ride upright.

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