Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Review

When you talk about modular helmets, the Shoei Neotec is sure to come up in that conversation somewhere. We’ve reviewed some of the other top modular helmets like this one and this one and couldn’t leave the Neotec out in the cold.

Shoei is a company that takes creating some of the safest and most comfortable helmets to the next level. Their passion for producing helmets of this caliber can definitely be found in each helmet they design and it can be seen throughout their many years as a company. You’ll find this same passion and energy has been put into the Neotecs design.

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Helmet Features and Modular Design

One of the main features you’ll notice about the Neotec is that it has a modular design. This is by far the best feature of this helmet because it can transform from a full face helmet into an open face helmet at the push of a button.

So you might be wondering, doesn’t that compromise the design of the helmet? The answer is, No it doesn’t. Shoei has designed it with a locking system that locks the chin bar into place when it’s in the full face position. Their locking mechanism has been tested on and off the road and has been proven to withstand high impact collisions just as good as any full face helmet.

One of the main benefits of a modular design is the fact that you can open it to get full ventilation on your face and keep cool on hot days. On cold days, you can close front chin bar and use it like a full face helmet to keep warm while still keeping your head and face cool at the same time. It is like having two helmets in one and you get all of the benefits of both styles.

If you are worried that the design of this helmet may be unsafe then worry no more. This helmet has been given a DOT safety rating which means it has been tested and proven to be safe and VERY protective during high impact collisions.

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Shell and Materials

The Neotec is made out of fiberglass combined with organic fibers that give its shell the ability to withstand high levels of impact. Shoei always makes their helmets with the riders protection in mind with the addition of every material and feature they implement into the helmet.

To reduce air resistance the shell of the Neotech is shaped in a way that makes it more aerodynamic. This is why you see the indentations and raised areas on the shell. Aerodynamics are what makes a helmet flow smoothly through the air instead of catching it like a sail on a sailboat.

Reducing the air resistance on a modular helmet is one of the main goals. When the helmet is open or closed you want as little air resistance as possible and this is why the shell is shaped in a way that will allow the air to flow over and around it instead of catching it, thus reducing the noise created by air.

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Shoei Neotec Ventilation

Ventilation on this helmet is a step above the rest. Not only do you get incredible airflow through the vents when the chin bars in the closed position, you get even better airflow when it’s open, allowing the cool breeze to hit your face. If you’re riding on a clear, sunny day you can keep the front fully open or on a cold, dusty day you can keep it closed. Either way, you’ll be kept cool.

Intake Ventilation

Shoei’s helmets are unique in the fact that they have used their wind tunnel testing to create an up and out airflow design. Testing the up and out ventilation design has shown that with hot air already rising and the cool air settling in the bottom of the helmet, by pushing the cool air up, the hot air exhausts out of the interior much quicker. Thus keeping you much cooler, much faster.

On the outside of the shell you’ll notice a large three position vent located near the top, forehead area and an intake vent near the mouth area on the chin bar. The large vent on the forehead portion of the shell is used to pull fresh, cool air into the interior while the back portion of the vent is exhausting the hot air from the inside. This also creates a suction that will help exhaust the stale air.

The front chin bar vent allows fresh air to circulate into the front portion of the helmet and is then pushed up through the interior. A nice feature of this vent is the fact that it will cool your face, and it keeps the face shield clear of any fog build up. These two vents alone and the modular design are all that’s needed to keep you cool inside this helmet.

Exhaust Vents

You’ll also find two exhaust vents on the outside of the Neotec that will keep the interior of the helmet free of hot, stale air. Each of these exhaust vents has a dual purpose and that is to keep the air flowing whether the chin bar is in the open position or not. This is important because, without exhaust, the chin bar, when it is in the open position will catch the air like a sail and pull your head back.

The first exhaust vent is actually a part of the front top intake vent. While air is flowing in through the front of this vent, the rear portion is pulling out the stale, hot air. On the back of the shell, the second exhaust vent is then pulling out any additional air that was missed by the first vent and keeps the flow of air going when the chin bar is open.

Face Protection

When it comes to face protection you always want to be sure that a modular helmet will have the protection you need open or closed. The Shoei Neotec definitely does this because even with the helmet open the sides are protecting your face and the eye shield is protecting your eyes. When it’s in the closed position (which we always recommend riding with it closed) the chin bar and face shield protect your face and eyes.

Face Shield

Like the Shoei GT Air, the face shield used on the Neotec is exactly the same and this is not a downfall by any means. This face shield protects your face from wind, debris, and the occasional bug. It also does a great job of protecting you from the suns harmful rays for long, sunny day riding.

Shoei has made this face shield using a 3D injection molding process to ensure that your view is distortion free. Distortion free shields prevent that warped glass appearance when you look out of it that will keep your view of the road and obstacles free and clear.

This shield is also made to be fog and scratch resistance, so it can take a little bit of a beating and not get all scratched up. Along with the fog resistant shield, the cool breeze flowing in from the mouth intake vent will help remove any fog that might sneak in and try to build up. You can easily swap out this shield too, maybe for one with additional protection from the sun.

Eye Shield

Again like the GT Air you’ll find an eye shield built into the top of the Neotec. Like we mentioned before, the eye shield is awesome to use when you’re riding on those sunny days. This eye shield is also made with the same distortion free process ensuring the clearest view and can protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays. Not to mention it comes down much further than other helmets with built in sun visors to fully protect your eyes.

To bring down the eye shield Shoei has created an easy to use switch on the side of the helmet. This switch can even be used while you’re wearing glove on those colder days. Keep in mind that you don’t only have to use the eye shield with the chin bar is up, you can use it when it’s in the full face position and there’s a notch in the padding for riders with eye glasses.

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Padding and Liner

Like we said before, the ventilation in this helmet is excellent. Now, you might be wondering what we’re doing talking about ventilation in the padding and liner section of this review. Well, let me explain.

The liner of the helmet is made with airflow channels that let the air the vents are bringing into the helmet to flow freely in and out of the helmet. All of this air flow not only keeps you cool but it keeps you dry. You can even choose different thicknesses of the padding to ensure a great fit and will allow more or less airflow depending on your preference.

On the subject of keeping your dry, the padding is fully removable and machine washable. This means that any sweat that does build up and gets absorbed by the padding can be washed out for the next time your ride. We all know riding in a nice, clean smelling helmet makes the experience that much better.

This helmet is also much quieter because the neck roll and the cheek padding are much closer to your neck and cheeks. What this does is it prevents any loud noise from entering the helmet from the bottom where your engine and tires are making noise. Also included in the padding is a notch for people who wear glasses and will make riding with glasses much more comfortable.

And yes last but not least. Shoei has left a cutout under the padding for you to install your Bluetooth system. This is great because not only will you not have to jam an uncomfortable Bluetooth in your ear but you can be much more comfortable and still have that convenience.

Colors and Graphics

The Neotec also comes in multiple colors and a few different graphics. Some of the different colors you’ll find it in are White, Black, Matte Black, Red, Wine, Yellow, Grey, Matte Deep Grey, Silver, Gun Metal, and Anthracite. As you can see there’s a huge selection of colors.

If you just happen to not like any of the colors you can always get it with graphics. We’ve included our favorite graphic below. If you’re not feeling the graphics either you can always buy the helmet in a solid color and have an artist put custom graphics and colors on it. Overall, the possibilities are endless.

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In Conclusion

Our conclusion to this Shoei Neotec modular helmet review is this, the Neotec is one of the best modular helmets out there. If you’re looking for a modular design that is safe, reliable and has all of the features to make it comfortable, then this is the one you have been looking for. It’s quiet interior and excellent airflow along with multiple shields for eye and face protection sell it themselves. Then you add in everything else and you got it all.

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